Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday = football's day and DMIHunt

Sunday is the football's day in Sands home, so i was alone and i decided to partecipate a new great hunt: "Diamond is mine" Hunt. I will show you my preferred prizes.

Pics 1
DIMH3 #036 .:Ducknipple:.Jurkie - Silver (very cool!)

Pics 2
DIMH3 #011
Tres Beau Designs (simply a masterpiece)

Pics 3
DIMH3 #055 ""D!va"" Limited Color With option for hide/show flower's decoration)
(i love them)

Pics 4
DIMH3 #073 [Angelic Lefevre Couture] White shiny dress with skirt or pants
(so sexy!)

Pics 5
DIMH3 #047 KIM Black Dress
DIMH3 #029 Duh! Little Red Clutch (black version included) (indispensable!)

DIMH3 #045 Diesel Works Stand - All that Jazz. (Fantastic!)
You can hide/show the stand, change and rotate poses.

Diamond is mine Hunt 3 start location here

Magdalene & Alby

ps: click on photo to enlarge

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