Monday, May 28, 2012


Aileen is a Cover Girl, she is the Queen of the publicity.

Skin: **SHINE** Escher RedDelight/Tan/C1 - Pink/Tan/C1
Shape: **SHINE** Escher shape
Lingerie: Rock Me Amadeus - Barbara Lingerie - Red, Pink, Purple
Hairs: Wasabi Pills/ Sachiko Mesh Hair - Rye (clip & ribbon with hud)
Props & Poses:*EverGlow* - Pop Frames: FREE!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The pool!

At the end of a day of work, what can be more wonderful than a bath in the pool with the family? Oh i love our new house!
I prepared a lemonade and I went in the pool with my men.

I'm wearing:
Collection **MOREA STYLE** Casual* SUN ROSE - BLACK GREY*: dress and bikini coordinated! It's wonderful! In the box you can find also the earrings and the headband (in the first pics).

Alby is wearing:
Rosenwolf Design - Board Short Set - Woodland Camo- Men's swim trunks 

Alby, Magda & Willy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amarelo Manga Fashion Show

Great show, tonight, for Amarelo Manga with the Latina's Models! The masterpieces in the catwalk were not a surprise for me: Amarelo Manga distinguishes itself from other brands for the style and the good taste.
Good work of the models in fighting with the lag.
Thank you all for this great show!

 TAXI to Amarelo Manga

Monday, May 21, 2012

I had a drem.

I had a dream, I was in a paradisiac place, water in everywhere and a celestial music. I look around and I see a wonderful woman, dressed in blue, playing the piano. I get near, she stands up and indicate to me to follow her and goes to a ladder reaching for the sky. Then...Willy woke up and i lost my Angel in blue, but was really a marvellous dream.

Skin:**SHINE** Lena Natural/UltraPale/C2
Shape: **SHINE** Lena shape
Dress: :: PurpleMoon :: Ninde Gown -14000 Members Group Gift-

Taxi to ChouChou (a place to visit absolutely)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Shopping Addict

Brooke is a shopping addict, her passion is almost compulsive, she runs around the malls like a baby around the Christmas Tree. She is the most stylish among my friends.

Skin: **SHINE** Astral Natural/Tan/C1
Shape: **SHINE** Astral Shape
Eyes: *Birth* Hypnotic Eyes - Magik_Iceblast (normal_small) prize of High Voltage Hunt!
Nails: MoonDance - Round Extra Long Fall Leaves
Outfit: "Dew" - Madison mesh tank style 2 +  "Dew"  - Lilith leggings black series 4
Boots:Nyte'N'Day Mesh - Over The Knee Boots - Black
Bag:  "Dew" Couquet bag - May Group Gift!
Jewells::: PurpleMoon :: Rombo Set in Ebony/Cedar - 14k Members Giftie!
Sunglasses:ROLE OPTIC - Patriotic III. Free on marketplace!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

High Voltage Hunt & Props -N- Poses

In  our new home i have a new fantastic dressing room and this morning I closed myself inside it and I have tryed the wonderful prizes of High Voltage Hunt. (Here the blog about it)
These are my favorites prizes:

Shirt: #01 Gawk! Yummy Shirt - exclusive for High Voltage Hunt 2012 
Pants: #58 Loordes Of London-Liverpool Jeans-Red&Blue (in the box you can find also the male version)

Dress: #04 ~Sassy!~ Flaunt dress - High Voltage Hunt Gift

Dress: #59 - Lery Miles Design - Fiona MESH Cherry - High Voltage Hunt Gift

The Dressing Room is the Props-N-Poses item for The Fashion Cache (here the TAXI and here the BLOG) Only 100L$ with 5 poses!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Some morning I rest at home with Willy and I invite any friends. This morning BB came with her daughter. Willy and Sarah are always very happy to stay together and so we can talk about work, our men, fashion, our babies, and drink a warm italian coffee.

I'm wearing:
ArisAris - Rig56 Degrade of Flower (this brand is really fantastic!)

BB is wearing:
[Sleeping Koala] - Bold Print Dress [Paisley] (a part of dress is in mesh)

...and now...i must run to the office! Alby wait me there!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Modelling is an Art. (Gifts,gifts,giifts!)

Lorainne is a Top Model and a modelling teacher. In her Fashion School the models learn all they need to be a Queen of Catwalk.

Skin: **SHINE** May Sunset/Pale/C2-Midnight Mania Prize
Shape: *ANNA SHAPES* - Fulvia Model
Eyes:Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Hazel Shadow, w4)
Outfit: **MOREA STYLE** Exclusive gift May Members Group *GINA*
Necklace: ((Crystal line)) "Rulie2" Necklace-Lucky Board (Group only)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lunch @ Paradise Beach Restaurant (ArisAris & Kapone)

Yesterday morning we did not go to the office and while we were at home with Willy, I received a call from a dear friend who invited us to lunch at my favorite restaurant!

I'm wearing:
ArisAris Rig52 Loose Blouse Degraded (I discovered this brand few time ago, but I fell in love immediately, the style, the details....I love ArisAris!)
*GA* Phone Addict Girl AO (Phone is included) with 14 animations (an indispensable item!)

Alby is wearing:
Hoodie: Kapone - MESH Hoodie VANDAL

So ...we immediately prepared to go to the Paradise Beach Restaurant, where my friend and her boyfriend were waiting for us.

I'm wearing:
Dress: ArisAris - Rig55 handkerchief Dress
Shoes: ((Crystal line)) - "COCO"Shoes(black)
Clutch bag:[Amarelo Manga] - Clutch Bag "Fashion"  [BLACK]

Alby is wearing:
Shirt: Kapone - Blue shirt
Pants:Kapone - Miami dark jean
Shoes: Kapone - Triptik Mesh sneakers black silver

Parure: ~XM~  Titanic Cabaret Onyx Set

TAXI to Paradise Beach Restaurant

Stay tuned in the days to come! We will reveal more about the Paradise Beach Restaurant. It's a very nice place, so elegant but you can always feel you like you are in your home and the staff is very professional.

Alby, Magda & Willy


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Afternoon on the beach!

The secret for a pure relaxing day? A special friend with her daughter and a private beach! Me, Willy, BB and Sarah spent time together all the afternoon, playing, sunbathing and simply talking. Fantastic! I love so much her tiny house on the little island!

I'm wearing:
Rosenwolf Design - Coronado Beach Bikini Collection - Red & White Polkadots: only 49L$ on marketplace!

BB is wearing:
Rosenwolf Design - String Bikini Carcoral: FREE on marketplace!

Sandcastle maker: Dolce Baby Castello di Sabbia (works with Dolce Baby babies). It's simply fantastic!

Beach furniture:
[domus] Beach lounger mesh set: recliner + table. I really love this brand of furniture, i love the taste and the precision on details and the prices seem incredible! (only 50 L$!)
[domus] Moka set: omg i love this set! (only 10 prims!)

Magda & Willy!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Honey...the Music inside.

She is a Dj, the Rhythm runs in her veins. She is fascinating, provocative and sweeping like her Music.

Skin: Mimi's Boutique - Honey 5 Fair (Cleavage) (So Sexy!!!)
Shape: *ANNA SHAPES* - Denise Model
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Monet Dawn, w4)  
(This colour is simply fantastic!)
Nails: MoonDance - Square Short Marbel French
Dress: Mimi's Boutique - Vinyl dress - 0L$!!!! on marketplace!

Friday, May 04, 2012

The Red Carpet!

During various events we walk often on the Red Carpet and it's always an emotion! This time i chosed the elegance and the style of Morea Design. You can wear the "Paige Black" also as short dress and it comes also with earrings and necklace.

Pose: ~Just say Cheese!~Cute Couple

I'm wearing:
Outfit:Collection MOREA STYLE *PAIGE BLACK * (I really love this outfit, seems made for me!)
Hair: :: Purple Moon Creations :: Ser Hair Attachment -BASICS (not available at the store, but there you can find other wonderful and not usual hairs (the blog here) .

Alby is wearing:

-SG-Dendi Jacket and Shirt (comes also with a tank). I love this brand! All the clothes, for male & female come at the wonderful price of 10L$! Maybe the creator is too generous. :)

Alby & Magda

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Help me!

Women, we all know that when we need the help from our hubbies about a dress choice....they are almost useless! So...i look at Alby, he is looking me with a question mark in the face and his OMG shirt on the body, but we will have an important lunch and i can't choice between the fantastic variants of the new Vera mesh dress by QQ Fashion.

I'm wearing: 
QQ Fashion  - Vera Mesh Dress - Fantasy Brown 
on right hand: QQ Fashion -  Vera Mesh Dress - Fantasy Grey
on left hand: QQ Fashion -  Vera Mesh Dress - Fantasy Red

Alby is wearing: 
*FBI* FREE gift OMG shirt: free on marketplace!!! 


Alby & Magda