Friday, May 11, 2012

Lunch @ Paradise Beach Restaurant (ArisAris & Kapone)

Yesterday morning we did not go to the office and while we were at home with Willy, I received a call from a dear friend who invited us to lunch at my favorite restaurant!

I'm wearing:
ArisAris Rig52 Loose Blouse Degraded (I discovered this brand few time ago, but I fell in love immediately, the style, the details....I love ArisAris!)
*GA* Phone Addict Girl AO (Phone is included) with 14 animations (an indispensable item!)

Alby is wearing:
Hoodie: Kapone - MESH Hoodie VANDAL

So ...we immediately prepared to go to the Paradise Beach Restaurant, where my friend and her boyfriend were waiting for us.

I'm wearing:
Dress: ArisAris - Rig55 handkerchief Dress
Shoes: ((Crystal line)) - "COCO"Shoes(black)
Clutch bag:[Amarelo Manga] - Clutch Bag "Fashion"  [BLACK]

Alby is wearing:
Shirt: Kapone - Blue shirt
Pants:Kapone - Miami dark jean
Shoes: Kapone - Triptik Mesh sneakers black silver

Parure: ~XM~  Titanic Cabaret Onyx Set

TAXI to Paradise Beach Restaurant

Stay tuned in the days to come! We will reveal more about the Paradise Beach Restaurant. It's a very nice place, so elegant but you can always feel you like you are in your home and the staff is very professional.

Alby, Magda & Willy


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