Friday, March 30, 2012

Nice to meet you, Lena!

Nina is a french singer, her voice is sweet and biting in the same time.

Skin & Shape: **SHINE** - Lena
Dress: "DEW" - Deawny dress Black
Jewellery [Amarelo Manga] - Jewelry Durban
Shoes: 4D Heels - Nadine

Simply wonderful!

These shoes are a must, you can't live without! (Single color pack L$99, Multicolor: L$ 499)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Relax on porch

When we are in our lake house, one of the best moments is when Willy falls asleep and we can enjoy some moments on porch in total relax.

Alby is wearing:
PHILO - The Roots - Jacket - Blue
PHILO - The Roots - Jeans - Original

I'm wearing:
R.icielli Mesh - Sweater/green - Group Gift
JeSStyle*- Wrinkled jeans blue - Group Gift

Pose: SDPose - Flare (only 49L$ for limited quantity)

Magda & Alby

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemens...this is Nina by SHINE

Only two words: Sexy Bomb!

Jewellery: [Amarelo Manga] - Set African
Skin: **SHINE** - Nina Smokey/Deep Tan
Shape: **SHINE** - Nina
Top: "DEW" - Straplese Top brown
Pants: "DEW" - Micro Pants brown

Sunday, March 25, 2012

*Carisma Creations*: Megan

Let me introduce to you: Megan, she lives in a little house on the beach.

Skin & Shape: Carisma Creations
Hairs: ChiChickie - Anja Blonde (hair base is included) for 60L$ Weekends
Swimwear:Angelic Lefevre Couture - Pinky Swimsuit for The Fashionista Hunt

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Apple May Design and Dew

Yesterday, my friend Asya called me worried. She will have a wedding this sunday and her husband not have a wonderful outfit. (She want him more beautiful than the Groom).
So, I left Willy with his daddy, ran to her and brought her to Sartoria Flagship Store, there you can find wonderful man's fashion at a wonderful price. (in a unit of the store you can find all at 50% off)

I'm wearing:
dress: Apple May Design - Sabrina dress Sand Mesh ( you know i love mesh so much!)
boots: Apple May Design - Savannah Boots Brown
scarf: Apple May Design - Watercolor Scarf Autumn
jewellery: Apple May Design - Crater jewellery set
hairs:Tameless - Leah for The Fashionista Hunt (with colours change option)

Asya is wearing:
shirt:  DEW - Frilled Shirt cream
pants: DEW - Wool high wasted pants sand

I bought also some outfits for Alby, but...shhhh! It's a surprise!

This is for our sundays in the farm of our friends.

This is for our evenings with friends.


P.S.: as usual, click on the photo to enlarge it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

RmA + Shine + Tameless Hair

My friend Michelle is a model and, sometimes, she is also a dancer, so I choose her for introduce to you this very glamorous outfit:
  • a very sexy dress by Rock me Amadeus (comes in two color: purple and cyan) made for Whore Couture Fair
  • fantastic shoes, a must for your virtual closet, by **Shine**

Dress: Rock Me Amadeus Snake Dress
Shoes: **Shine** Masha Purple Leo
Hairs: Tameless Hair Alma - Blacks and Whites with hud for change colours

Ty Michelle!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A tropical vacation & AVALE

Yesterday my best friend, BB came to me with two tickets for a little tropical vacation, without hubbies and sons! Wooooow! We close ourself in my in-walk closet to chose the clothes! I chose AVALE collection, a great brand designed by Amara Myoo great photographer and designer with a very good taste. Her clothes are fresh, sportly and sexy, the ideal for my little escape!

.:AVALE:. - Giselle Pink: it's the ideal for a disco party

.:AVALE:. - Laylla Brown: special for a dinner on the beach

.:AVALE:. - Mayadella Pink for our days in the village

.:AVALE:. - Monday Morning White dress and Diva Top for a formal soiree

Ready for the beach!!!

I'm wearing: .:AVALE:. - Mini Saturday and Montreal Pink top
BB is wearing: .:AVALE:. - Kayoko Violet top (Gift)

And this is my bag!!!

 ((Crystal line))"Karina" Accessory set

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hot Stuff store mini hunt

The mini hunt at Hot Stuff store ends March 25.
The object to search are 20 gold stars to the value of $ 1L each star.
Much of the hunt prizes are items that are not yet on sale, so they are known as exclusive.
These are my favorite prizes.

I'm a hot star #1: Katy Bikini

I'm a hot star #9: Sexy Naughty Bitchy thong & top

I'm a hot star #11: I love my BB shirt and face tattoo

I'm a hot star #17: Chinese girl in purple

Happy hunt to you all!

TAXI to Hot Stuff store

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vanity Flair by Lera for Fashion For Life Hunt 2012

"Fashion for Life is the fashion arm of the Relay for Life movement in Second Life supporting the American Cancer Society" (from:
These magnificent eyes (worn by my friend Michelle) are the prize for the hunt: Sonata Volta - Time FFLEyes 2012 from Vanity Flair by Lera and are priced at 79L$. The set comes with Small, Medium, and Large eyes in both Regular and Prim styles. 
Each hunt cube is filled with some sort of hunty goodness from partecipating designers and the hunt cube is set for 10-100L$ (all benefiting Relay for Life, of course).

TAXI to the FFLHunt 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lost Town

Lost Town is a land all to discover, is full of  underground passages very romantic in its decay.
A great quality of this land is the good taste, also in the chaotic and decaying parts of it, all is assembled with taste and attention to details.

These days has a wonderful work of art: La Porte de l'Enfer, a replique of the mastepiece by Auguste RODIN.

The Door of the Hell is a monumental group of sculpture of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin who established(constituted) throughout its life its most important work where from were extracted during more than 30 years its most famous individual sculptures of which the famous Thinker.

In 1880, Rodin receives an official command(order) of the government: a front door for the museum of the decorative arts which must be built in Paris. This one, baptized The Door of the Hell must be decorated with bas-reliefs being inspired of Divine Dante's Comedy. The known version today will remain unfinished, the tests(events) having been melted after the death of the artist. One of these versions appears to the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the other one in the university Stanford in California, and the third in Tokyo. Several doors exist among which one to the museum Rodin in Paris as well as one in Kunstmuseum of Zurich.

Pic by Angel79 Seda

Pic by Angel79 Seda

Info of Sl replique:

Builder: Freeloops Zanzibar.
Texture:Loda Denfu.
Time of work:10 months

You must really go to see this masterpiece!

TAXI to Lost Town

A special thanks to Angel79 Seda (i wrote about his works here) for his fantastic pictures of the door.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rock me Amadeus @ Whore Couture Fair

Rock me Amadeus for Whore Couture Fair:
RMA - Itzy Mini Skirt
RMA - Tease Top


Hair: ::Exile:: Bring it On!:Frosted(Subscribo Gift)  Mesh! Wonderful!

Jewells: ((Crystal line))Welcome gift (Subscribo gift) with colours change

TAXI to Whore Couture Fair

Friday, March 09, 2012

*X*Plosion @ Whore Couture Fair

Special editions of InFlagranti Outfit:
*X*plosion InFlagranti Outfit S.E. (Girl)
*X*plosion InFlagranti Outfit S.E. (Skull)

These outfits are available only at the fair, until 31st March.

TAXI to the Whore Couture Fair

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

[AMARELO MANGA ] @ Mix + Mesh Fair

Mix + Mesh Fair is a concentration of great talents of fashion in SL.
One of my favorites brands, Amarelo Manga is present there.
The taste of Amarelo Manga is a mix between sensuality,elegance and style, i really love it!
These are the proposal of Amarelo Manga for the fair, all rigorously in mesh!

On the left: Ariel dress available in several colours (white, black, red, green and blue) with this dress no one can go unnoticed!

On the right: Dress Diana Long, (also available in several colours) classic and majestic in a simply way.

On the left: Diana short dress (available in several fabrics) with shoes is a masterpiece of details.
On the right: Liane dress elegant and sportly in the same time.

On the left: Meg short dress
On the righ: Mary short dress
They are irrinunciable for the woman who love to feel the queen of the party.

Teodora Top
Pants Jeans
The summer is near and this combo is perfect for a sunny sunday!

TAXI to [Amarelo Manga] @ Mix + Mesh Fair

Thanks Luana Barzane, designer of Amarelo Manga!