Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A tropical vacation & AVALE

Yesterday my best friend, BB came to me with two tickets for a little tropical vacation, without hubbies and sons! Wooooow! We close ourself in my in-walk closet to chose the clothes! I chose AVALE collection, a great brand designed by Amara Myoo great photographer and designer with a very good taste. Her clothes are fresh, sportly and sexy, the ideal for my little escape!

.:AVALE:. - Giselle Pink: it's the ideal for a disco party

.:AVALE:. - Laylla Brown: special for a dinner on the beach

.:AVALE:. - Mayadella Pink for our days in the village

.:AVALE:. - Monday Morning White dress and Diva Top for a formal soiree

Ready for the beach!!!

I'm wearing: .:AVALE:. - Mini Saturday and Montreal Pink top
BB is wearing: .:AVALE:. - Kayoko Violet top (Gift)

And this is my bag!!!

 ((Crystal line))"Karina" Accessory set

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