Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Shower!

This Sunday I invited some friends at home for the Baby Shower party!
With Barbra

With Barbra and Quennye Quinnell, designer of QQ Fashion.

I'm wearing:

.:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. - Maternity Shirt - White (in the pack there are several version of the shirt: with or without sleeves, long and short sleeves)
In the store you can find other funny shirts and dresses for the pregnancy time!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Different twins...

....one small and one extra large!

Same outfit...different size! ^_^


-SG- Uniform Women's Overall: 

available also for mens and in several other colours! 

All the clothes of SG Design are at 10L$, an exceptional price for high quality garments!



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Afternoon at Barbra's home

In this afternoon, my friend Barbra call me to see her new attic in Manhattan and to show me her new purchases.

Barbra is wearing
Dress: ::Poised:: Shine Lavender Glitter Dress
Shoes: ZERO COOL Designz - Botinelli Stars Vol.2 - purple

on hangers:
-siss boom-full sail shirt navy
-siss boom-top deck canvas pants
 i really love this brand!

I'm wearing:
Dress: PS Expectations - Brooklyn
Jacket -SG- LaFemme Jacket 2 Beige
(all clothes in the store, for woman and man, only 10L$)
Shoes: *Mary Jane Shoes* Delusional Black/Black

The dress come with a wonderful hat!

The attic is gorgeous! You can find it, fully furnished, at only 99L$ on marketplace!

::: The Love Story Skybox :::

Friday, January 20, 2012

The first step...

Few days ago we went to the Dolce Baby Clinic to make the first eco. We had the appointment and when we arrived we were greeted by BabyDream Jun, co-owner and Doctor, which led us in the analysis room.
She measured my blood pressure, she weighed me and she made me sit on the couch for ultrasonography.
We heard the heart, as a perfect simulation of RL.

When you go at Dolce Baby Clinic do you have several complete packs to choose or simply you can buy each analysis separately.
The complete pack included:
- Shape
- Pregnancy Hud
- Pregnancy Test
- Gynecological examination
- Blood tests
- Weekly ECG
- Contractions hud
- Overall for delivery room
- Childbirth
- Newborn
- Nightgown for stay in Hospital
- Birth certificate
- Hospital post partum
- Baby Carriage "Desy"

I would like to make my compliments to the owner of the clinic because it is really welcoming and well done.

Pose: EmmePose-Walking for 3

I'm wearing:
Dress: PS Expectations Elle- Spice
Jewellery: Apple May Design-Crater Earrings and Necklace
Boots: 4D Boots-CLEO MULTI with Jewellery (as ususal you can buy the single color version or the multicolor and you can customize each single part of the boots)

Alby is wearing:
Dirty Hands-Cruiser-Outfit

TAXI to Dolce Baby Clinic

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Work in progress

Well...we started to prepare us for the happy event, so we went to the Dolce Baby store, in front of the clinic where I will go for the various analysis, and we chose the baby's bedroom and some others things.
In this store you can also find babyes but we will talk about it later.

I can still wear normal clothes, so I could wear my new outfit  by Amour Signature while Alby worn a new outfit of Rispetto Design. (Both are brands with excellent balance between price and quality, indeed the quality is higher than the price)  

This is our choice with a little customization (the staff of the store is so helpful and friendly!)

In the pack you will find two sweaters (one black and one green)

I'm wearing:
Amour Signature-Winter Warmth Outfit-Green/Black

Alby is wearing:
Rispetto Design-Strato Outfit-Graze

TAXI to Dolce Baby Store

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh, no! My clothes!

In a bit of time i will not wear my clothes and this means that i need shopping!
So i called my friend and we went to the pregnancy shops!

She's wearing:
dress: -siss boom-le creme 

I'm wearing:
dress: -siss boom-dry ice
boots: 4D Boots-KITTY with Jewellery
Pose: EmmePose-Shopping 
Store: Ps Expectation (a great brand for pregnancy clothes)

You can buy single color or multi color pack wit the change color option on the hud


Monday, January 09, 2012


…we are expecting a pixellous baby! 

Just an introduction: i lived always my sl like a simulation of rl, i always had an home, a work, pets, relationship and in a normal couple life, the maternity is a normal thing, so, for the bigots, in this world that is all an equilibrium between madness and wisdom, game and reality, this is only a little emotional game in the game.

Now we begin from the begin.

The first thing is the pregnancy test: i found Kianta Design - ClearPink Pregnancy Test V.3.2 RP MULTI LANGUAGE on marketplace: is a very realistic test with the toileit inside, you must  just wear the toilet, then the test and answer at any simply questions and that's it!

and this is the way I communicated to Alby:

Balloon: XC Balloons (I'm Expecting)
Stepladder: *~M` n B~* Stepladder full perms only 10 L$!!!!
Bear: Serenity Style - Serenity Sweet Christmas Bear (free!) 
Cubes: Chez Claire & Ludo - Cubic letter to play (only 5 L$!!!)
Baby clothes: Alpha Shop Texures - baby clothes texture TGA FULL PERM

Exsist also a guide for introduce to you at this world free on marketplace with info about clinics, typologies of baby and more (free on marketplace)

See you soon with the pregnancy fashion!!!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Like models

For fun, me and my friend went on a catwalk and we took some pictures of two beautiful new clothes by Siss Boom Design.

Maybe we have a future as models!

I'm wearing:
-siss boom-temperamental (Mesh) a masterpiece on mesh an elegant, sophisticated dress

She's wearing:
-siss boom-epoch, another masterpiece, elegant and sexy in the same time

I love this brand, is for all sophisticated womens who want appear elegant with a touch of sensuality.


Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Coffee at DeCoch Cafè

Today i was searching about a cafè for drink a coffee with a friend and i found this wonderful land builded with a good taste, where you can found several situations, cafè for chatting and watching live performances of singers, appartments for rent, a tent to dream under the stars and near the sea and more…

I wear :
Outfit: *Just Because* Winter Fire
Shoes: *Mary Jane Shoes* Biker Stiletto 

She wear:
Outfit: Serina LaCava Group Gift January 2012

The Boots have an hud for change textures and customize colours and accessories

Some pics about the DeCoch land.

Taxi to DeCoch land

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year Party!

This time we chose a party at disco!

I'm wearing:
Dress: R.icielli - CHRISTMAS HUNT #item 20- SERENA Sequin Dress / Gold also available in the store (there is also a promo on some items:only 30L$ each!!!)
Shoes: **Shine** Extreme Heels Goldskin
Nails: MoonDance: Round Extra Long Fall Leaves 

Alby is wearing:
**GizzA** Blue Outfits [Group Gift] (hat not included)(the group gifts of Gizza are fantastic!)

We had a great night and now we are ready for a new  wonderful year!!!
Magda & Alby