Friday, January 20, 2012

The first step...

Few days ago we went to the Dolce Baby Clinic to make the first eco. We had the appointment and when we arrived we were greeted by BabyDream Jun, co-owner and Doctor, which led us in the analysis room.
She measured my blood pressure, she weighed me and she made me sit on the couch for ultrasonography.
We heard the heart, as a perfect simulation of RL.

When you go at Dolce Baby Clinic do you have several complete packs to choose or simply you can buy each analysis separately.
The complete pack included:
- Shape
- Pregnancy Hud
- Pregnancy Test
- Gynecological examination
- Blood tests
- Weekly ECG
- Contractions hud
- Overall for delivery room
- Childbirth
- Newborn
- Nightgown for stay in Hospital
- Birth certificate
- Hospital post partum
- Baby Carriage "Desy"

I would like to make my compliments to the owner of the clinic because it is really welcoming and well done.

Pose: EmmePose-Walking for 3

I'm wearing:
Dress: PS Expectations Elle- Spice
Jewellery: Apple May Design-Crater Earrings and Necklace
Boots: 4D Boots-CLEO MULTI with Jewellery (as ususal you can buy the single color version or the multicolor and you can customize each single part of the boots)

Alby is wearing:
Dirty Hands-Cruiser-Outfit

TAXI to Dolce Baby Clinic

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