Saturday, January 14, 2012

Work in progress

Well...we started to prepare us for the happy event, so we went to the Dolce Baby store, in front of the clinic where I will go for the various analysis, and we chose the baby's bedroom and some others things.
In this store you can also find babyes but we will talk about it later.

I can still wear normal clothes, so I could wear my new outfit  by Amour Signature while Alby worn a new outfit of Rispetto Design. (Both are brands with excellent balance between price and quality, indeed the quality is higher than the price)  

This is our choice with a little customization (the staff of the store is so helpful and friendly!)

In the pack you will find two sweaters (one black and one green)

I'm wearing:
Amour Signature-Winter Warmth Outfit-Green/Black

Alby is wearing:
Rispetto Design-Strato Outfit-Graze

TAXI to Dolce Baby Store

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