Monday, January 09, 2012


…we are expecting a pixellous baby! 

Just an introduction: i lived always my sl like a simulation of rl, i always had an home, a work, pets, relationship and in a normal couple life, the maternity is a normal thing, so, for the bigots, in this world that is all an equilibrium between madness and wisdom, game and reality, this is only a little emotional game in the game.

Now we begin from the begin.

The first thing is the pregnancy test: i found Kianta Design - ClearPink Pregnancy Test V.3.2 RP MULTI LANGUAGE on marketplace: is a very realistic test with the toileit inside, you must  just wear the toilet, then the test and answer at any simply questions and that's it!

and this is the way I communicated to Alby:

Balloon: XC Balloons (I'm Expecting)
Stepladder: *~M` n B~* Stepladder full perms only 10 L$!!!!
Bear: Serenity Style - Serenity Sweet Christmas Bear (free!) 
Cubes: Chez Claire & Ludo - Cubic letter to play (only 5 L$!!!)
Baby clothes: Alpha Shop Texures - baby clothes texture TGA FULL PERM

Exsist also a guide for introduce to you at this world free on marketplace with info about clinics, typologies of baby and more (free on marketplace)

See you soon with the pregnancy fashion!!!

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