Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lost Town

Lost Town is a land all to discover, is full of  underground passages very romantic in its decay.
A great quality of this land is the good taste, also in the chaotic and decaying parts of it, all is assembled with taste and attention to details.

These days has a wonderful work of art: La Porte de l'Enfer, a replique of the mastepiece by Auguste RODIN.

The Door of the Hell is a monumental group of sculpture of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin who established(constituted) throughout its life its most important work where from were extracted during more than 30 years its most famous individual sculptures of which the famous Thinker.

In 1880, Rodin receives an official command(order) of the government: a front door for the museum of the decorative arts which must be built in Paris. This one, baptized The Door of the Hell must be decorated with bas-reliefs being inspired of Divine Dante's Comedy. The known version today will remain unfinished, the tests(events) having been melted after the death of the artist. One of these versions appears to the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the other one in the university Stanford in California, and the third in Tokyo. Several doors exist among which one to the museum Rodin in Paris as well as one in Kunstmuseum of Zurich.

Pic by Angel79 Seda

Pic by Angel79 Seda

Info of Sl replique:

Builder: Freeloops Zanzibar.
Texture:Loda Denfu.
Time of work:10 months

You must really go to see this masterpiece!

TAXI to Lost Town

A special thanks to Angel79 Seda (i wrote about his works here) for his fantastic pictures of the door.

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