Thursday, May 17, 2012

High Voltage Hunt & Props -N- Poses

In  our new home i have a new fantastic dressing room and this morning I closed myself inside it and I have tryed the wonderful prizes of High Voltage Hunt. (Here the blog about it)
These are my favorites prizes:

Shirt: #01 Gawk! Yummy Shirt - exclusive for High Voltage Hunt 2012 
Pants: #58 Loordes Of London-Liverpool Jeans-Red&Blue (in the box you can find also the male version)

Dress: #04 ~Sassy!~ Flaunt dress - High Voltage Hunt Gift

Dress: #59 - Lery Miles Design - Fiona MESH Cherry - High Voltage Hunt Gift

The Dressing Room is the Props-N-Poses item for The Fashion Cache (here the TAXI and here the BLOG) Only 100L$ with 5 poses!

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