Friday, December 30, 2011

Wolf Mountain Ski Resort: holiday - day 1

Wolf Mountain Ski Resort is a gorgeous mountain location with eight (!!!) sims. There you can find:
Single or double kayaks
Raft Rides for single or couple
Baloon Ride across the resorts 7 sims
Chapel for a wonderful snowly wedding
Horseback ride, a fantastic trail that goes throughout the mountains.
Indoor Pool
Movie Theatre
Skating Ring
Ski Lift
Sleigh ride….and more and more.

You can also rent a fantastic cottage if you want to live totally this nature paradise.

Our first Holiday day begin with a snow battle, then we go on sledge and around the sims with the balloon, a full of fun day!!!

Pose: EmmePose - Snow Battle (snowball included)

Pose: EmmePose - Yay! Only (Sledge included) 99l$!

Taxi to Wolf Mountain Ski Resort
...and this is now as I write on Blog, a work & relax moment at Mountain Resort Cafè

I'm wearing:

Sweater with scarf and hat: *Just BECAUSE* Christmas 2011 Group Gift
Leggings: -siss boom- tight leggings black Pants
Boots: Apple May Design Snuggies Boots
Jacket: *Epic* Snow Bunny Down Jacket Red on marketplace (only 99L$!!!)

Alby is wearing:

Outfit: Sartoria WS Stone Deep Grey (included hat, gloves and boots)

Magda & Alby

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