Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pixel Pics, Bebotes, Kal Rau & Mimi's Choice

Today we want to talk about any persons and any brands.
Like many aspiring parents, we chose a photographer for keep some photos of the belly!
Franz Markstein is one of the owner of DeCoch land (i talk about it here) and a great artist as pictures keeper. Go to visit his gallery Pixel Pics, he had a spectacular taste to get details.

Some pictures by Franz

Franz at work
Pose: PURPLE POSE prize for the Zombie Popcorn hunt

All the shirts in the same pack

In these pictures Alby is wearing: 
<Kal Rau> Plaid shirt Mesh (it's simply fantastic and come with several t-shirt as you can see in the pics above)
<Kal Rau> Blue Jeans Mesh

Kal Rau is one of the brands of Mimi's Choice, the store owned by Mimi Juneau.
I think that Mimi is the best reseller of SL, she works here with the same passion than in RL, and she uses the same care selling designer's creations as they could do.

I'm wearing some of funnies shirts of :: Bebotes :: 
Pregnancy shirt:Baby on board SL - Pregnancy Shirt: Happy Baby - Pregnancy shirt: Boy
Bebotes is a brand dedicated to pregnancy, and make garnments and poses.
I like it so much!

Pics 1: :: Bebotes :: pregnancy Pose - Seduce Parents
Pics 2: :: Bebotes :: pregnancy Pose - Parents Contemplate

On marketplace you can find each pose or the complete pack.

Alby & Magda

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