Friday, March 02, 2012

ColdLogic: gifts & hunt's prize!

ColdLogic is a new mesh store brought to us by Zyrra Falcone (Panache: prefabs, home and garden deco), Janie Marlowe (JANE Design), and Damien Fate (host of MMM12). The style is made for a modern woman who like to be elegant, sexy and comfort at the same time and the details transform each cloth in a masterpiece!

These are the gifts that you can find in the mainstore! Run now...!!

Opening gift: available in the subscribo

((Crystal line))"Marian" Accessory set with colour change

S. Valentine day gift: also available in the subscribo

((Crystal line))Vine Accessory set AB: two options (with or without pendants) and colour change.

The Fresh Unknown Hunt (TFUH) prize: available until March 31st

TAXI to ColdLogic

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