Friday, April 06, 2012

The Photographer

Angel79 Seda, called "Photographer", is the meeting point between fantasy and a creative soul.
Photographer also in real life he puts in his photos all the passion and the tecnique he has.
In one year of activity he has collected several success and has faced many professional heterogeneous challenges from black & white to the morph tecnique.
Specializing in portraits, now he has a permanent gallery where is possible to admire all his masterpieces.
In the last month he has set the gallery in a customized building made for him by Donatello Solo, a great builder of sl (here the website to follow his work)

Photographer at work

Pin Up (you will see it also in a famous magazine of SL)
Magda (this is one of the masterpieces made for me)

In these days, Angel's pictures are also present at the Rose Art Gallery in the Rose Theatre, a show that worth a visit.

TAXI to the Angel's Gallery

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