Monday, July 16, 2012

My Sale Boudoir Festival Fair - Part I - Beauty Code

My Sale Boudoir run from 15th July to 1st August!

Dress: .::BeautyCode::. Mini-Dress Hot Chica - Black

Outfit: .::BeautyCode::. Casual Outfit Rhianna - Blue
Earring + Ring: .::BeautyCode::. pearly Moon Stone Earrings & Rings


Dress: .::BeautyCode::. Buckle Minidress - Purple
Earring: ::BeautyCode::. pearly purple Earrings (available at MSB bazaar for discounted prices between 5 and 20 L$)

In all the pics i'm wearing:
.::BeautyCode::. Skin Jada Tan - Silver Smokey F 


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