Thursday, October 18, 2012

Forgotten Closet: Round 2

The teme is: Halloween!

  • Dress: [PL] Sexy Devil Dress (with horn and tail)
  • Skin: [MC] Forgotten Closet Devlin 2-D-Cup

  • Outfit: ::.BD.:: Halloween
  • Nails: [PL] Halloween Glitz Nails

  • Skin: [MC] Desthra Forgotten Closet Skin D-Cup
  • Dress:  :PS: Bloody Bride Costume

  • Outfit: :PS: Witch Costume (with hat and broom)

  • Earrings: POMPOSITY - Square Link Chain And Skull Earrings
Note: in all the pics i'm wearing the makeup: Madrid Solo- Sept. Group Gift Female- Sunday At Seven Full Set

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