Friday, January 11, 2013

Acid Lily : Round of 01/07

This Round is available in a new location until Sunday.

  • Dress: .:BTS:. Tunic Dress (with texture change hud)
  • Pose:{Co*Motion} Perfectly*Princess - Aurora
  • Outfit: .::BT::. All Eyes On Us 
  • Pose: {Co*Motion} Perfectly*Princess - Belle
  • Dress: [[>CaKe!<]]Mixi Dress Bright Red-Mesh
  • Pose: {Co*Motion} Perfectly*Princess - Ella
  • Dress: {MoYaz} Ruby mesh dress - Paisley Collection - Coffee
  • Pose: {Co*Motion} Perfectly*Princess- Jasmine

  • Coat: Kaithleen's Trenchcoat
  • Pose: {Co*Motion} Perfectly*Princess- Snow

1 comment:

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