Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Energy Club: a night with BB & Club Owners Interview

When BB calls me and says: "You and me and me and you?", I know always what she means. She talks about a night without hubbies and kids in our preferred disco club: the Energy Club.

I'm wearing:
  • Hair:[e] Sound - Bright Blondes (Elikatira has discounts! Only 75L$ until 23th February)
  • Dress ::Hucci:: Eilat Dress - Gift!!!
  • Shoes: *Slave* Stiletto with Tights -Black4-
BB is wearing:

"Energy-Club Lounge, the place you cannot miss in SL. Best tunes,
House and other styles, all live mixed by our gorgeous DJ's. Meet nice
people, have fun and chill out. The Energy Staff looks forward, to
welcome you, don't miss to be a part of our Club! 7/7 day"

I found Energy Club because I'm always in search of new place, new events or new gifts for our followers and in front of the entrance of the club there is a room full of from big SL brands. Designers like Sakide, Legal Insanity, Blacklace, beleza and much more.

I met with the owners to interview them. I found myself in front of four tidy avatars from four different places in the world.

Mag: This is a very nice club, furnished in a very stylish mode with a selection of great djs with many styles from hardstyle to house and techno. How did the idea of this Club?
 CLUB Owners: Energy Club was born 2 years and 8 months ago, the idea was from one of the actual owners aswell, Thlemaxos Rewell, the basic purpose was to bring to Second Life the concept of a real life music club, with events, great djs and customers focused staff, a place where people are able to feel at home even the first time they come and enjoy a party.
Mag: What is your goal? 
CLUB Owners: We probably already answered to this question in the previous one, but our goal is always the happiness of our customers, the main goal is to give to the people that comes to our club a friendly and comfortable place where they can hear the most different music styles, always with great djs, and meet new people like they would do in a real life club.   

Mag: In Second Life there are many clubs, what you think about to have different than them? 
CLUB Owners: We are just us, we never compare Energy Club to other clubs in Second Life, this cos we feel our club like our kiddo, and as parent you always think your kiddo is the best! What we can say is that we put love in everything that regards Energy Club, and probably the real difference is totally made by our staff, a great team of the best entertainment professionists of Second Life that makes us so great :-)
Mag: What are the requirements to become Energy DJ?
CLUB Owners: Our DJs are hired after one or more castings, our DJ Managers team work really hard to assure the club always the TOP of quality among the DJs spinning in Energy Club, what we require is quality, ability to work in a team and passion in what they do, because Energy Club, like the name says itself, requires energies and passion that are transmitted from our DJs to our customers to always be able to make the difference :-)
Mag: Your staff is formed by four persons, you always agree about the organization of the club and events? 
CLUB Owners: Wow, the staff isnt formed by 4 persons, we have 200 people in our staff and 40 people in our high management staff, these people are the ones that make the real difference and built up Energy Club as a unique music and entertainment experience. We, again, want to take the chance here to thank all our DJs and all our Hosts and Managers and Directors and finally Head Managers to give us owners the chance to be proud of our Club and to know that what we built up with their help is a great place where people can have the same fun they would have in a real life club .. and maybe MORE!

Ty very much for your work about our entertainment.


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