Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interview with Molly Kestrel owner of the Paradise Beach Restaurant

"Dear follower, today we are at the Paradise Beach Restaurant (already posted here) to interview the owner"

Mag: Hi Molly, how is born the idea of a "real" restaurant, with menu, waiters and bill to pay, here in SL?

Molly: "I originally began working in the SL restaurant business back in 2009, managing and even co-owning other restaurants. I loved meeting new people and proving them with an enjoyable virtual dining experience here in Second Life. 
One of my good friends, Steven Cerise, frequented the restaurants; and after they all went out of business, not only was I disappointed, but so was he! And being the amazing friend he is, back in September he actually offered to help me start up my own restaurant business, paying for just about everything. Haha! Talk about a fantastic gift, right? 
Given my love for SL restaurants and how much I missed running one, naturally I couldn't refuse! And without Steven, Paradise Beach Restaurant wouldn't exist today."

Mag: Your staff is very prepared, helpful and diligent, when one person come in your restaurant receive immediately a "welcome" from they. How you educate your staff and witch are the characteristics required to be a member of it? 

Molly: "My employees begin training the moment that they're hired. I provide them with notecards of instructions, as well as supplies (menus, silverware, drinks, etc.). Once they've become familiar with the prices, as well as the step-by-step serving instructions, I put them through a test run in which they serve me. After that, if I feel that they're prepared enough, as well as polite and well spoken, they're welcome to begin work right away!"

Mag: Are you satisfied of you activity?

Molly: "I'm beyond satisfied with the way everything is going for myself and Paradise Beach Restaurant, so far! Great staff, loyal customers...and I'm doing something I love in SL again! I only hope to make PBR even more of a wonderful place to visit in the near future."

Mag: Have you any events in program for this period?

Molly: "As of right now, there are no upcoming events set in stone; however, we are thinking about having a beach party soon! Our group members will be the first to know! :-)"

Thank you, Molly, for the time spent with us!

TAXI to Paradise Beach Restaurant

I'm wearing:
Jacket:Nyte'N'Day - Amma Jacket Black (Mesh)
Pants: [Amarelo Manga] - Short Fall "MOD/006" [Black]
Shoes:- uRbAn GiRl - Mesh_Isadora Pumps I_Black (only 10 L$!!!)
Jewellery: [Amarelo Manga] - Set Luanda - Earrings and Necklace

Michrophone: Reek - News Microphone (with animations)

Alby is wearing:
Shirt: Kapone - shirt sweater superman
Pants: Kapone - shorty jeans dark unisex
Shoes:Kapone - Triptik Mesh sneakers Leather Blue

Cam: Tonny Handy Cam HD V 1.2 (Ty Tonny Nubalo!)

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