Monday, June 18, 2012

PurpleMoon: From Head to Toe - Anniversary Hunt 2012

PurpleMoon Design for the Anniversary make a fantastic hunt. In the notecard of info we can read: "We didn't only created a new gorgeous gown, we also created a whole new look that includes jewelry and even hair! All the items are brand new and specially made for the anniversary. " It's simply....marvellous!

* Prizes have been hidden inside 14 silver pearls.


#01 It warms your hearth.
#02 Bubbles fro your tired and cold feet.
#03 Dance surrounded by roses.
#04 It's a name, it's a month, it's a top!
#05 People say Elvis was seen in this room.
#06 It is a name of a flower that reminds me of my mom.
#07 She is in Wonderland.
#08 Poulet's first gown ever is surrounded by butterflies and this little pearl.
#09 It's a bird, it's gold, i's a queen!
#10 In this room all the names have three letters.
#11 Gold and Diamonds in infinite circles.
#12 Among all these tiny frozen pearls, there is one that sounds out.
#13 Going on vacations? Start packing!
#14 Sit down and relax at the light of a candle, you are done

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